Friday, 27 March 2015

Facebook Messeenger App

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Facebook Messenger App
Facebook's Messenger app is increasing during a huge approach. when introducing options like stickers, fast videos and even payments at the F8 developer's conference, Facebook proclaimed plans to expand Messenger additional with Messenger Platform and Messenger Business.

With Messenger Platform, Facebook's flagship chat app can become a vessel for causation content via outside applications. connection Messenger's text, pic and voice recording tabs are going to be a brand new section for sound into third-party apps. presently there area unit forty app, like Giphy that helps you to enter that special GIF.
With a listing of app partners that has Giphy, Memes and song-sending program song,Messenger Platform is giving Facebook users additional ways in which to send silly or cool content to friends. Facebook corporate executive Mark Zuckerberg and electronic communication VP David Marcus demoed the feature by causation GIFs to at least one another via Giphy, associate degree activity that would quickly catch on among meme-loving Facebook addicts.
That same extra-personal approach to speak spills over to Messenger Business, that has the potential to revolutionize client service. Facebook can enable businesses to integrate with Messenger therefore you will be able to get receipts, modification associate degree order, check your package's geographical location or get technical support all from an equivalent app you utilize to remain to bear .Messenger alerts can merely become a check box on your checkout screen.

Between third-party app integration and client service support, Facebook appearance to be pushing Messenger united of the sole communication apps you'll have to possess on your phone. Messenger Platform is on the market to developers currently, with dev support for Messenger Business on the approach.

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