Thursday, 5 March 2015

Making Money Using Facebook Page

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Build a Fan page if you don't currently have it.
Therefore you don't have a fan page yet? App well you will require to create one now because we are talking about producing money from facebook fan page here. Create a fanpage about whatever you are fascinated in, funny page, touring, etc.

Write great content. 

Write great content on your fan page and participate as numerous as users possible. Once your page starts receiving good response and good quantity of likes, you can move to upcoming step

Build a Website similar to your Fanpage.  

Now Build a website related to your fanpage subject if you can afford everything.
1. You can generate free websites as well.
2. Add articles to website and post on your facebook page to get targeted traffic to your site.
3. Include ads to make money and make sure your web page looks respectable and not copied.
4. You should also add useful content to your website on the regular basis to get more and more website visitors.

Sell Fanpage content. 

So you have a big facebook fan page but still not certain how to make money from it. Selling content on your fan page is the simplest way to make money evidently. 
1.Sign up  with  and make certain you have minimum amount 1000 likes on your fan page.
2.Include your fan page to ShopSomething and confirm you are the  proprietor of the page.
3.Set a selling price per post for your web page. Now this is essential, make certain you set the value correctly because No one would buy content on your page if the value is too high.

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